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Daily Reports for Parents

The reporting system gives parents daily feedback about their child's online learning experience.

Calendar View

  • Provides an overview of the course.
  • Shows learning objectives for each week.
  • Click on any lesson to view a progress report.

Daily Progress Reports

  • Shows details of each lesson.
  • Monitors progress through each learning activity.
  • Jump straight to the lesson to see what your child is learning!

Worksheets to Download

  • Each lesson has an accompanying worksheet.
  • Download the worksheet and print it out.
  • Listen to the interactive answer key.
  • Improve your child's pronunciation!

Watch our Parents' Tutorial Video (4:12)

Learn how the daily reports can be used in conjunction with our online learning service.

Test your Child's Progress

You can click on the interactive answer keys to compare your child's pronunciation with that of a native speaker. Try the examples below!

Color Vocabulary
Phonemes and Blends
Sentence Building
Everyday Verbs