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English Lessons for Children

Our English lessons for children follow the curriculum we developed in our language schools.

Improve Listening and Speaking

  • Study new vocabulary every day.
  • Hear dialogues performed by native speakers.
  • Listen to online classes and repeat after the teacher.

Learn Reading through Phonics

  • Build words and learn correct pronunciation.
  • Learn to read words with spelling games.
  • Recognize phonemes, blends, initials and endings.

Practice Writing and Typing

  • Write the alphabet, then move on to words and sentences.
  • Learn to type using our on-screen keyboard.
  • Switch to the computer keyboard when ready.

Watch our Teaching Methods Video (6:47)

Learn how we've taken our classroom tested curriculum and applied it to the web.

Try Some Learning Activities

Click on any of the pictures below to try some learning activities from our course.

Learn the numbers in English.
Try an English sentences and grammar activity.
Try an English dialogue activity.
Try an English phonics activity.
Practice typing the colors.
Take a numbers sentences quiz in English.