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Pumkin Online English FAQ

Who was Pumkin Online English made for?

Pumkin Online English was made for 3-10 year old absolute beginners of English language learning.

What English language does Pumkin Online English teach?

Pumkin Online English teaches children the most important verbs, nouns and sentences of English.

What if my child's English language doesn't improve?

If within 30 days you have seen no improvement in your child's English we will refund all of your money.

How do I get my money back?

Contact Pumkin Online English and we will refund your money in full.

Is there somebody that can help me if I don't know how to start using Pumkin Online English?

Using Pumkin Online English is very simple, but if you have any questions our Customer Service representatives are here to help you.

Do I need any special software to use Pumkin Online English?

You need a broadband Internet connection and Adobe Flash 9.0 or above.

Do I need to use a special internet browser to use Pumkin Online English?

Pumkin Online English will work in all browsers that have Flash enabled.

What are the first learning steps in the Pumkin Online English course?

We first teach vocabulary, the building blocks of the language. New words are introduced in groups of 4-6 new words a day, and are reviewed in each lessons. We use flashcards, cartoons, videos and songs to teach and consolidate vocabulary. The next step is teaching simple verbs and sentence building. This is taught by means of online tutorials.

Will my child learn to speak English?

After the basic grammar is learnt, we introduce simple dialogues and questions and answers. This is done by means of entertaining videos which show everyday situations and make the language the student has learnt come to life. The student listens to the pronunciation and intonation of native speakers.

When do you teach reading and writing?

After the student has mastered the basic vocabulary and dialogue, we introduce phonics and reading. We teach the alphabet, letter blends, and sight words, again by means of videos and games that teach and reinforce the correct pronunciation of English words. Writing is taught by means of an onscreen keyboard and by using the computer keyboard. This has the advantage of teaching children to type, an invaluable skill in the world of computers.