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Community and Fun Features

Our online world engages and captivates young children, meaning they stay longer and learn faster.

Explore Virtual Worlds

  • Adventure through five virtual worlds of English.
  • Explore the forest, the sea, the jungle, and more.
  • Invite friends and compete with them.

Collect Virtual Pets

  • Discover over 100 hidden pets.
  • Free a pet after every lesson.
  • Listen to your pets speak English.

Play Reward Games

  • Earn coins as you learn.
  • Enjoy action-packed coin catching games.
  • Spend coins on pets, and build up your collection.

Watch our Student Rewards Video (3:32)

Learn how Pumkin Online English engages and captivates young learners so they keep learning.


Our guided tour will give you an idea of the virtual worlds that children can explore.

Take a guided tour of our virtual world.