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"Three weeks ago my 5 year old son had difficulty recognizing basic words and particularly numbers. Worse still he showed little interest in trying to learn. I signed up to after showing him the web site for 5 minutes and seeing his genuine interest. We regularly spend one hour together every evening when he gets home.

In three weeks he can now immediately identify every number from 1 to 100, many basic words which he could not recognize before are easy for him and his vocabulary continues to expand. His daily school diary has gone from “showing little interest” to “attentive and engaged”!

The site is both interesting and entertaining, the more you use it the more you enjoy it, even as an adult I enjoy spending time with my son on this site and shortly after enrolling him I enrolled my 3 yr old daughter. I highly recommend this site to any parent whose goal is to improve their child’s vocabulary and math skills!"

Nicholas White
Pumkin subscriber and father of two.

"My daughter is 6 years and has no previous knowledge of the English language. Because we will relocate to the US we were looking for a program for our daughter to learn English through play and games. We found what we were looking for in Our daughter likes to play it. She plays it approximately 30 minutes a day. It is easy to follow and fun for the kids. I can highly recommend it for young children with no prior knowledge of English.

The most she likes to get her animal after she played the whole set. To get a new animal each time is a good stimulance and to play a game after each task takes the tension out and keeps it relaxing.

Thumbs up!"

Stefanie Venemas
Pumkin subscriber and mother of two.
The Netherlands

  • Children enjoy learning English with Pumkin.
  • Parents see their children have fun learning English.
  • Children find Pumkin fun and easy to use.